My Opinion on Music

I’m a 90s kid in my soul. I feel like I should’ve grown up obsessing over Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers tees. I should’ve been going to Wheatus, Weezer, Bush, and Counting Crows concerts. I should’ve grown up watching MTV back when it really had music and crying when Kurt Cobain committed suicde. I should’ve grown up wearing flannels and grunge… I want to wear my hair the way I like it and wear dark lipstick and no eyeshadow and be a grunge kid and listen to my music all the time and be rebellious but I can’t. Because that era’s over…. But I was born with it already in my heart. I want to be a part of something that’s already over and all because of the music. But to be honest that music has gotten me through more of my life than most people. Can we just please make the world simple again? I don’t know how to be mainstream, and I never will be. I can’t pull off modern styles and listen to most modern music. I was just not made for this version of the world… I miss something I was never even alive for. 


5 thoughts on “My Opinion on Music

  1. Same here I am a 90’s kid, wish I was actually old enough to live and breathe that era. Makes me really nostaligic of 90’s, such much good there. Life was simpler,sweeter, happier and definetly more fun.

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