Rant on Current Issues

276 girls were abducted from Nigeria in the middle of the night from the Chibok School by Boko Harem raiders. The country couldn’t raise enough armed forces to respond with action as these girls were carried away in the middle of the night.

I honestly feel bad for Nigeria. Their government is corrupted, their lives are awful, their country is in turmoil, and now this? I can’t believe the horrors that some people have to go through. This is why I hate the news, it totally depresses me. Things in the world are getting worse again and that’s not okay. Seriously, who knows what’s happening to those girls? They could be killed, or worse. There are worse things that being murdered in this world and for all we know those 276 girls could be being subjected to that right now. It’s really unfair of us all to sit back and watch these things happen. Just the fact that their own country couldn’t raise enough forces to respond to some of these people’s own daughters being taken away is ridiculous and it shows the poor state the world is in. We need less hate, less problems, and more love. People wouldn’t be so screwed up if their parents weren’t and didn’t treat them like crap. Then again, there’s always going to be people who are screwed up just because they are. But then there’s people like me. Knowing me, you would never guess that I have been through some of the things I have. I may be sassy and sarcastic and a little cynical but for the most part I am okay. We need to raise people to be respectful again. It both disgusts and saddens me to see so many people at our school that I can look at and think, “They are never going to be anything more than that.” It makes me sad for them, it makes me angry, and it hurts to see good lives wasted on bad things. People are wrong about the world People are wrong about life. There’s nothing we can do but to start doing things right again. That’s the only way to solve this whole mess called Earth.


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