I’ve put on a second pair of glasses

Because my dear, I don’t understand

How in our twisted world

Good and evil walk hand in hand

She could read stained words

And teach a lesson she did not believe

Followed by a prayer, a thanks

For blessings she doesn’t truly think she’s received.

I still don’t understand

How bad people are good ones too,

And when someone says they love you

You can never be sure it’s true.

They say live for the moment

Others say choices are all that count

But in an empty room full of whispers

Her lies fill me up with doubt.

I still don’t understand

How you can love someone to their face,

And spend hours, days,

With another lover in their place.

They say we’re too young

To even know what love really is,

But then, why do they scream at us,

When I know love is quieter than this?

I still don’t understand

Why I’m asking all the questions they’re afraid to,

As if thoughts of pain and sadness

Could paint them out in blue.

They say trying isn’t good enough,

You either do it or you don’t.

I say I can’t take anymore tyranny,

That’s why I wrote you this little note.

I’m fed up with lies and fake people,

I’m done dealing with all their doors

Slammed in my face,

I won’t stand for it anymore!

It’s time to right the wrongs,

To teach the cheaters all a lesson.

I guess I should start with the one upstairs,

Who the other man’s probably finished undressing.

I still don’t understand

Why my aunt thinks it’s okay

To screw around with other men

When her boyfriend’s faithful to this day.

I guess I got my answer,

Why good and evil walk hand in hand.

People cannot be trusted;

Their emotions are as permanent as drawings in the sand.


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