If We Are Lucky

We live in a world

Where no one is ever

Entirely satisfied.

There is always more,

More we could do,

More we could have,

More we could accomplish.

There is always less,

Less time,

Less work,

Less pain.

It’s pointless to complain

About things you can’t change.

It’s ridiculous to think

That we can achieve perfection.

Society is selfish,

Pushing people to the brink,

Telling us not to bully

And then doing nothing.

Teens are getting worse and worse,

And adults are no better.

There are going to be

The good things

And the bad things…

But if we are lucky,

There will ALWAYS be:

Floors to sweep,

Laundry to fold,

Dishes to wash,

Weeds to pull,

Diapers to change,

Grass to water,

And errands to run.

Because if we are lucky,

We will have:

A place to live,

Clothes to wear,

Food to eat,

Work to do,

Family to love,

A place to play,

And a life to live.

So maybe instead of thinking

About all the things we wish

We didn’t have to do,

We should live while we are alive,

And be grateful that we have enough.


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